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Years before Mariak Industries even became a dream of its founder and president, Leo Elinson, he built a successful window covering retail and fabrication establishment in the heart of Southern California. Although his business was thriving, Elinson and his staff were continually disappointed with the service they received from a variety of parts suppliers throughout the southwestern United States. After discovering that his frustrations were typical feelings of other regional fabricators, Mr. Elinson decided to "take the bull by the horns" and attempted to capitalize on the faults of his own suppliers. Searching for a way to better service regional fabricators, he dissolved his retail operation and began a new business venture as a wholesale developer and manufacturer of window covering parts and components.

The newborn business was founded under the name, Mariak Industries, in honor of his maternal grandmother, Maria Kraner. Mr. Elinson selected Torrance, California as Mariak's home because of its close proximity to several forms of transportation including the Port of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles International Airport, and several interstate highway interchanges. This strategic location provided quick access to the sea containers of merchandise arriving from various parts of the world. It also furthered the success of Mariak's distribution network, offering freeway access for its truck fleet to travel throughout the western United States.